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rotating S3D

render textures are more straightforward to implement than I thought they would be

bgm: Kirby's Nightmare in Dream Land - Orange Ocean (overworld)


Jan. 20, 2021


I am finally exploring 3D now! However, I currently have this dilemma between using TMDs and creating a custom 3D format. If I use TMDs, I'll be able to develop my next game sooner, as there are plenty of tools both online and in the psyq sdk to help me. If I instead create a custom data format, I'll be learning more about the creation of data formats, building GUI tools to edit them, and handling animation (as something to be edited within a tool and reciprocating playback on the PSX), etc.. I'm currently inclined towards building stuff from scratch, as that is the kind of mindset PSX development has ingrained into my head. I also like to think of it as a personal odyssey.

On a side note, the "demo" you see in this video is a modified version of the cube TUTO from the psyq samples.


Nov. 26, 2020

PSX mandelbrot at various resolutions

This page helped me understand the math behind it:

While this page helped me code it:



Nov. 6, 2020

ballhop walkthrough

see for more info


Oct. 7, 2020

rotating POLYG4

While creating a rotate routine for 4-vertex polygons, I accidentally screwed two of the vertices up and got this

bgm: Kirby's Dreamland - Boss Room


Sep. 3, 2020



i traced something from my sketchbook and it looked pretty rad


Dec. 31, 2020