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Concept Art and other things

Welcome to the concept art page! I expect it to be filled with a bunch of stuff as time goes on. The characters on this page have not made their debut yet; that'll take a while.


[valda concept art] [valda looks around in the sky, then catches you looking at her] [an unfinished storyboard from late 2019]


[nicole concept art]

super epic run cycles woooooo

[stick figure run cycle] [practice animation from 2018] [an unused game asset of a girl walking]

puzzlelight - a failed PSX game

The idea is that you'd redirect the beams of electricity to an end goal. You'd lose if a beam of electricity hit one of your own arrows. I remember development slowing to a crawl when trying to create a custom data format for storing the levels. I then lost a couple weeks worth of progress because I didn't back it up correctly. On the bright side, the GUI code I wrote originated here, even though I haven't used it in a project yet.

[gameplay of an unfinished game prototype]